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Scleral Lenses: A Revolutionary Vision Solution for Corneal Dystrophies
November 6, 2023

Scleral Lenses: A Revolutionary Vision Solution for Corneal Dystrophies

Key Takeaways: Scleral Lenses for Corneal Dystrophies

Custom-Fit ComfortScleral lenses from Global Vision Rehabilitation Center are tailored to each patient by Dr. Edward Boshnick for maximum comfort and eye health.
Expertise in Corneal DiseasesDr. Boshnick brings extensive experience in managing complex corneal conditions, ensuring comprehensive care.
Advanced TechnologyOur center utilizes the latest in scleral lens technology for precise vision correction and protection.
Treatment for Corneal EctasiaCustom-designed scleral lenses help manage corneal ectasia by providing a protective barrier and correcting vision aberrations.
Management of Fuchs’ DystrophyScleral lenses maintain hydration over the cornea, essential for managing Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy and improving visual function.
Personalized Patient CareEvery patient receives individualized attention and a treatment plan tailored to their unique vision needs.
Holistic ApproachWe focus on the overall well-being of our patients, not just their vision issues, for improved quality of life.
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Introduction: Embracing Clarity with Scleral Lenses at Global Vision Rehabilitation Center

Navigating the complexities of corneal dystrophies requires not only advanced technology but also a compassionate understanding of each patient’s unique vision needs. At Global Vision Rehabilitation Center, we blend innovative scleral lens treatments with the personalized care that every individual deserves. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Edward Boshnick, we’re dedicated to unlocking a world of clearer vision for our patients.

Improved Vision with Scleral Lenses

For many experiencing the visual distortions caused by corneal dystrophies, scleral lenses have emerged as a beacon of hope. These larger-than-average lenses vault over the entire corneal surface, creating a stable and comfortable fit. Unlike traditional lenses that rest on the cornea, scleral lenses sit on the less sensitive white part of the eye (the sclera), significantly reducing the risk of irritation.

The benefits of scleral lenses extend beyond comfort. They are particularly adept at improving visual acuity for patients with irregular corneas. By forming a tear-filled chamber over the cornea, scleral lenses provide a smooth optical surface that corrects vision aberrations caused by corneal dystrophies and other corneal irregularities.

At Global Vision Rehabilitation Center, we utilize the latest in scleral lens technology to ensure that each lens is a perfect fit for your eyes. Dr. Edward Boshnick’s expertise in this field means that every patient receives lenses that not only improve vision but also support the overall health of the eye.

Our commitment to your vision extends to rigorous follow-up care, ensuring that your scleral lenses continue to offer the best possible vision correction and comfort. With our tailored approach, patients can experience a significant improvement in their quality of life, enjoying daily activities with renewed confidence.

The Comfort of Custom-Fit Scleral Lenses

Comfort is paramount when it comes to contact lenses, and scleral lenses are a testament to how custom-fitting can enhance the wearing experience. At Global Vision Rehabilitation Center, we specialize in creating scleral lenses that are tailored to the individual contours of each patient’s eyes. Dr. Edward Boshnick, with his extensive experience, understands that a precise fit is key to preventing discomfort and promoting eye health.

Our custom-fit scleral lenses are designed to distribute pressure evenly across the sclera, thereby avoiding the sensitive areas of the cornea. This unique fitting approach minimizes the risk of irritation and complications associated with conventional contact lenses, making scleral lenses an ideal choice for those with sensitive eyes or irregular corneas.

Moreover, the larger diameter of scleral lenses provides a more stable fit, reducing the chances of dislodgement and the need for frequent adjustments. This stability is crucial for patients with active lifestyles or those who require consistent visual correction throughout the day.

By choosing Global Vision Rehabilitation Center for your scleral lens needs, you’re not just getting a lens; you’re receiving a commitment to comfort and a personalized solution that caters to your specific visual requirements.

Expertise in Corneal Disease Management

Managing corneal diseases demands a level of expertise that goes beyond basic optometry. At our center, Dr. Edward Boshnick brings a wealth of knowledge and specialized skills in diagnosing and treating a wide array of corneal conditions. Our approach is comprehensive, considering not just the immediate symptoms but also the long-term health and functionality of your eyes.

We are adept at addressing the challenges posed by various corneal diseases, including keratoconus, corneal ectasia, and Fuchs’ dystrophy. Our use of scleral lenses in the management of these conditions is backed by a deep understanding of how these lenses can protect, support, and improve corneal health.

Patients with corneal dystrophies often face a progressive decline in vision. Our goal at Global Vision Rehabilitation Center is to halt this progression and, where possible, reverse the damage. Through the strategic use of scleral lenses, we aim to restore not just vision but also the independence and quality of life that comes with it.

In the next section, we will explore the specific benefits of scleral lenses for conditions like corneal ectasia and Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy in more detail.

Scleral Lenses for Corneal Ectasia

Corneal ectasia, a condition characterized by the progressive thinning and outward bulging of the cornea, presents unique challenges in vision correction. Traditional contact lenses often fail to provide the necessary support and can further aggravate the condition. At Global Vision Rehabilitation Center, we address these challenges head-on with the use of scleral lenses.

Our scleral lenses are meticulously crafted to manage corneal ectasia by creating a protective barrier over the cornea, preventing further damage from external elements. The design of these lenses helps to redistribute the pressure exerted on the cornea, thereby reducing the risk of further progression of the ectasia.

Dr. Edward Boshnick’s expertise in fitting scleral lenses ensures that each lens not only corrects for irregularities in the cornea’s shape but also promotes a healthier ocular surface. Patients with corneal ectasia who choose scleral lenses often report a dramatic improvement in vision and comfort, a testament to the effectiveness of this treatment approach.

Fuchs’ Corneal Dystrophy and Scleral Lenses

Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy is another condition that can significantly benefit from the use of scleral lenses. This hereditary disease, which leads to the gradual decline of endothelial cells in the cornea, can result in blurred vision, glare, and discomfort. Scleral lenses offer a unique advantage in managing Fuchs’ dystrophy by maintaining a consistent level of hydration over the cornea.

The fluid reservoir that scleral lenses provide helps to keep the corneal surface moist, reducing the stress on the remaining endothelial cells. This can slow down the progression of the disease and, in some cases, improve vision. Our Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy scleral lens treatment at Global Vision Rehabilitation Center is customized to each patient, ensuring optimal results and improved daily visual function.

By incorporating scleral lenses into the management plan for Fuchs’ dystrophy, Dr. Edward Boshnick and our team offer a ray of hope to those who may have thought their vision was irreparably diminished.

About Global Vision Rehabilitation Center

At the heart of Global Vision Rehabilitation Center is a commitment to excellence in the field of vision rehabilitation. Our center is not just a facility; it’s a beacon of hope for those affected by complex corneal conditions. Led by Dr. Edward Boshnick, a pioneer in the field of optometry, we are dedicated to advancing the standard of eye care through innovative treatments and personalized patient care.

Our center is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and treatment technologies that enable us to provide advanced care for a range of corneal diseases. Dr. Boshnick’s philosophy is one of holistic treatment, considering the entire ocular system and the person behind the eyes. This approach is evident in every aspect of our practice, from the initial consultation to ongoing treatment and support.

The About Us page of our website offers a deeper insight into our values, our team, and the cutting-edge treatments we provide. We invite you to learn more about how we can help you or your loved ones find the path to improved vision and a better quality of life.

Conclusion: A New Horizon in Vision Rehabilitation

Vision is more than just the ability to see; it’s about connecting with the world around you. At Global Vision Rehabilitation Center, we understand the importance of this connection. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing solutions like scleral lenses that not only correct vision but also restore a sense of normalcy to everyday life.

If you’re struggling with corneal dystrophies or any other complex vision impairment, we’re here to help. With the expertise of Dr. Edward Boshnick and the advanced technology at our disposal, we’re equipped to bring clarity to your vision and your life.

Discover the difference that personalized, expert care can make. Visit us at www.eyefreedom.com, or contact us to schedule a consultation. Let us help you see the world with new eyes.


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