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Visante Optical Coherence Tomography

Anterior segment optical coherence tomography has become an important tool for evaluating the cornea and anterior segment or front portion of the eye. Cross-sectional tissue images of these ocular structures can be generated in vivo, for detailed analysis.

The clinical applications of anterior segment OCT are extremely important and useful. Cross-sectional images of the cornea, anterior chamber, crystaline lens and iris can be obtained in a manner which no other technology can provide. These images can be invaluable in the diagnosis and management of many anterior segment diseases and conditions such as keratoconus, corneal transplants, corneal ectasia, narrow angle glaucoma, and a number of other corneal dystrophies and degenerations.

In addition to the above uses of this technology, our office uses optical coherence tomography to assist us in gaining a better understanding of many of the complex corneal conditions that we see. We are now using OCT to design better specialty contact and scleral lenses for our patients. Our goal is to use this and other technologies that we posses to allow our patients regain useful functional vision along with excellent ocular comfort.

In this video we are using “Optical Coherence Tomography” (OCT) to evaluate a scleral lens over an eye with an advanced case of keratoconus with hydrops. Hydrops is a condition where the most posterior corneal membrane ruptures allowing fluid (aqueous) from inside the eye to enter the center of the cornea. When this occurs the cornea can become hazy. In this video you can see the torn corneal membrane. This patient has clear (20/30) comfortable vision with this eye with all day lens wear.

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