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Computerized Corneal Topography

The cornea functions as a very strong lens responsible for as much as 75% of the eyes’ focusing ability.

The computerized corneal topography measures this important surface giving us a color coded display containing detailed information about the shape of your cornea. For you, the patient, it is a brief, painless, non-contact procedure that photographs your eye’s surface using ordinary light.

Along with other parts of your examination, the information from this special computer allows us to diagnose, monitor and treat your overall visual function. Should glasses or contact lenses be indicated, the knowledge of the shape of your cornea will help us decide which type of correction is best for you.

The greatest advantage of the computerized corneal topography is that it can detect conditions too subtle or invisible to even the most thorough conventional testing. Because the computer can save your exam information, we can monitor corneal changes and/or corneal stability over time.


How About those Colors?

Corneal mapping reveals patterns indicating conditions that may affect the selection of the best type of vision correction or treatment for you. A few examples of corneal color maps are shown below.


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