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Wavefront Correction: A New Era in Vision Enhancement

In the pursuit of vision perfection, technological advancements play a vital role. A prime example of such innovation is wavefront correction, a revolutionary approach that has transformed the realm of vision correction. This technology is designed to address the unique intricacies of an individual’s visual system, delivering a level of clarity that goes beyond what traditional lenses and refractive surgery can offer.

Wavefront correction works by compensating for specific, minute imperfections in the eye, known as higher-order aberrations. These aberrations, though small, can significantly affect the quality of vision, causing issues like glare, halos, and difficulty seeing at night. Traditional vision correction methods like eyeglasses, contact lenses, or refractive surgery often fail to correct these higher-order aberrations, making wavefront technology a groundbreaking solution for those seeking optimal visual clarity.

This is where specialized lenses, such as scleral lenses, come into the picture. Scleral lenses, known for their large diameter and exceptional comfort, are uniquely suited for wavefront correction. Their design allows for a layer of fluid to be maintained between the lens and the cornea, providing not only comfort but also creating an ideal medium for compensating the eye’s unique imperfections. With wavefront technology’s precise eye mapping, these lenses can be customized to correct higher-order aberrations and provide unparalleled visual clarity, offering a solution tailored to the specific needs of the individual eye.

Through the combination of wavefront correction and scleral lenses, the possibility of achieving superior visual acuity is now within reach. This synergy, which brings together advanced technology and innovative lens design, opens a new chapter in the field of optometry, one that promises a future of vision without compromise.

Unraveling Wavefront Technology: A Stellar Innovation

Wavefront technology, despite its central role in modern optometry, finds its roots not in the human eye, but in the cosmos. Originally devised for use in astronomy, this technology was designed to correct the distortion of light caused by the Earth’s atmosphere, thus enabling astronomers to capture clearer images of celestial bodies.

The crux of wavefront technology lies in the concept of “wavefronts.” In essence, wavefronts are the three-dimensional shapes that light assumes as it travels. In an ideal scenario, light entering the human eye would have a perfectly flat wavefront. However, due to the unique irregularities and imperfections in each eye, the wavefront of light is distorted by the time it reaches the retina, which can result in visual aberrations.

Applying this concept to ophthalmology, wavefront technology measures these distortions or aberrations in the eye, creating what is called a “wavefront map.” This map is unique to each individual and captures a highly detailed, three-dimensional image of the eye’s optical system. It goes beyond mere prescriptions for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism and delves into the nuances of the eye’s performance, including higher-order aberrations that conventional vision tests may miss.

The process of creating a wavefront map involves the emission of a safe, low-power laser beam into the eye. This beam of light travels through the eye’s optical system, gets reflected off the retina, and comes back out as an ‘outgoing’ wavefront. The distortions of this outgoing wavefront, compared to the original incoming beam, allow for the precise measurement of the eye’s unique aberrations.

The beauty of wavefront technology in ophthalmology is that it provides an unprecedented level of detail about the individual’s eye, paving the way for personalized vision correction strategies that aim to perfect the path of light within the eye. Whether used in conjunction with refractive surgery or applied to the design of advanced scleral lenses, wavefront technology marks a significant leap forward in the quest for optimal vision.

The OVITZ Revolution: Redefining the Landscape of Wavefront Scleral Lenses

OVITZ, a trailblazer in the arena of personalized vision correction, has taken the concept of wavefront technology and harnessed it to revolutionize scleral lens design. The company has positioned itself at the frontier of precision optics, utilizing wavefront technology’s detailed data to create scleral lenses that address the unique optical needs of individual patients.

Scleral lenses, with their ability to vault over the cornea and rest on the sclera, have long been recognized for their capacity to offer unparalleled comfort and vision correction for individuals with various corneal irregularities. What sets OVITZ’s approach apart is their commitment to integrating wavefront technology into these scleral lenses, thus personalizing vision correction to an unprecedented degree.

The heart of OVITZ’s innovation lies in their proprietary xwave technology. By leveraging the detail-rich data gathered from wavefront mapping, xwave technology enables the design and creation of scleral lenses that correct not only the standard refractive errors of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, but also the higher-order aberrations that conventional lenses often fail to address.

This level of precision, coupled with the use of biocompatible materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, ensures lenses that are customized to the wearer’s unique optical profile. The result is a corrective lens solution that seeks to optimize visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, and overall visual quality, thereby enhancing the wearer’s visual experience.

The groundbreaking work by OVITZ in the field of wavefront scleral lenses embodies a significant stride in optometry, illuminating new paths towards personalized and improved vision correction. It is an innovation that aligns seamlessly with Dr. Edward Boshnick’s commitment to providing his patients with the highest quality of eye care, continually advancing towards the goal of optimal vision for all.

The Advantages of Wavefront Scleral Lenses: A Leap Forward in Vision Correction

Wavefront scleral lenses bring a multitude of benefits to patients, particularly those experiencing complex vision issues that conventional lenses may not fully address. The uniqueness of these lenses lies in their capacity to correct higher-order aberrations, nuanced optical distortions that are beyond the rectifying reach of traditional lenses. Higher-order aberrations can lead to symptoms such as glare, halos, or diminished contrast sensitivity, all of which can significantly impact a person’s quality of vision.

By integrating wavefront technology into scleral lenses, we can create a corrective solution that is tailored to the specific optical characteristics of each individual eye. Each lens is designed based on a wavefront map of the eye, a detailed representation of how light traverses through the eye’s optical system. This approach allows for the correction of minute irregularities that would otherwise remain unaddressed, leading to superior visual clarity and quality.

Wavefront scleral lenses can notably enhance contrast sensitivity, an aspect of vision often overlooked in standard vision tests. Improved contrast sensitivity can lead to better night vision and an easier time discerning subtle differences in shades of grey, an ability crucial in low-light conditions or for tasks such as driving.

Furthermore, the design of scleral lenses offers added comfort for the wearer. By vaulting over the cornea and resting on the sclera, these lenses provide an even distribution of pressure, reducing potential discomfort. This design also creates a tear-filled vault between the lens and the cornea, which can be beneficial for those suffering from dry eye syndrome.

In cases of complex vision problems, such as corneal irregularities resulting from keratoconus, post-LASIK complications, or corneal trauma, the personalized correction offered by wavefront scleral lenses can be a game changer. Where traditional lenses might fall short, these custom-designed lenses provide an advanced, precise, and comfortable solution, paving the way for significantly improved visual outcomes. In the hands of an expert like Dr. Edward Boshnick, wavefront scleral lenses have the potential to unlock a new level of vision correction and quality of life for patients.

The Journey: From Comprehensive Eye Examination to Tailored Lens

The path to attaining a set of custom wavefront scleral lenses begins with a comprehensive eye examination. This assessment is essential for accurately understanding the current state of the patient’s eye health and vision. During this stage, Dr. Boshnick uses advanced diagnostic tools to evaluate the eyes’ structure and functionality, scrutinizing every aspect from the anterior to the posterior segments.

One of the most crucial steps in the examination process is the creation of a detailed eye map using wavefront technology. This unique device, known as a wavefront sensor, emits a beam of light into the eye, which reflects back after reaching the retina. The reflected light wavefront is distorted by the eye’s optical imperfections, and these distortions are captured by the sensor. This information creates a wavefront map – a comprehensive and individualized representation of the eye’s optical system, revealing even minute aberrations that could affect vision.

Once the wavefront map is created, it serves as the blueprint for the customization of the scleral lenses. These lenses are carefully crafted based on the individual’s unique optical characteristics, promising an unparalleled level of precision in vision correction. The customization doesn’t stop at the lenses’ optical properties, though. The size and shape of the lenses are also tailored to the patient’s eyes, ensuring a comfortable and stable fit.

After the custom lenses are manufactured, the fitting process begins. Dr. Boshnick meticulously fits and adjusts the lenses for each patient. With his vast experience and skilled hands, he ensures the lenses sit perfectly on the eye, providing the best possible vision while maximizing comfort. In some cases, multiple fitting sessions may be needed to attain the perfect fit. Still, each step brings patients closer to a dramatically improved visual experience. This diligent process underscores Dr. Boshnick’s unwavering commitment to his patients’ ocular health and vision quality.


The heart of our system is the OVITZ xwave Aberrometer

Wavefront Map

The wavefront map gives a detailed view into the refractive properties of the eye. It provides a high resolution map of the eye’s refraction in individual portions of the pupil. This map can be used to provide a highly customized correction for the patient using the OVITZ ARES Lenses.

Simulated E

The visual effects of higher order aberrations can be difficult to describe and visualize. The OVITZ system provides visual simulations of the patient’s vision. This helps you understand what the patient is experiencing and helps your patient better understand their vision and how different treatment options may help them. This provides more intimate communication with the patient and produces more “Ahah!” moments.

Zernike Plot

The OVITZ xwave System provides detailed information on the composition of refractive error. Visualization tools allow you to quickly determine which higher order aberrations are most affecting your patient and how best to correct them.

High Resolution Ocular Camera

The system allows for high resolution, color-accurate white light imaging as well as IR illumination and fluorescein illumination. The camera provides high resolution diagnostic imaging and video capture. This will provide detailed information on the location and stability of the lens. This information is critical for creating highly effective custom HOA optics.

Dr. Edward Boshnick: A Specialist in Wavefront Scleral Lenses

Stepping into the world of wavefront scleral lenses, one encounters the name of a distinguished expert – Dr. Edward Boshnick. His mastery in this field is a product of years of experience and constant pursuit of knowledge, enabling him to adapt to the latest advancements in technology. This expertise, coupled with a patient-first approach, positions him as a leading figure in wavefront scleral lens fitting.

Dr. Boshnick is known for his meticulous approach to eye care. Each patient’s unique vision profile is a puzzle he seeks to solve, using the latest technology as his tool of choice. He utilizes wavefront technology to its fullest potential, ensuring that the lenses he fits not only correct vision but also enhance comfort and stability. His expertise goes beyond just fitting lenses; he remains committed to monitoring and managing his patients’ ocular health, ensuring optimal long-term outcomes.

The positive impact of his work is reflected in the myriad of testimonials from his patients, who often express their gratitude for the transformative change in their vision quality. From individuals struggling with complex refractive errors to those with keratoconus or post-surgical ectasia, many have found life-changing relief through Dr. Boshnick’s wavefront scleral lenses. These success stories are a testament to Dr. Boshnick’s dedication and skills, underscoring the difference his expertise makes in patients’ lives.

Please note that while case studies and testimonials play a crucial role in demonstrating the benefits of wavefront scleral lenses, patient confidentiality must be respected. Therefore, any specific references or personal stories will only be shared with explicit permission from the patients.


In the domain of eye care, wavefront scleral lenses represent a significant stride forward, opening a new horizon for individuals with complex vision challenges. By correcting higher-order aberrations that conventional lenses can’t manage, these innovative lenses offer a new realm of clarity, comfort, and contrast sensitivity, fundamentally enhancing the quality of vision.

Dr. Edward Boshnick stands at the forefront of this technology, with his profound expertise and unwavering dedication to patient care. His meticulous approach to each patient’s unique needs ensures that every fitted lens brings the most substantial possible improvement to the individual’s vision and comfort. The numerous success stories emanating from his practice speak volumes about the potential of wavefront scleral lenses when in the right hands.

If you’re ready to explore how wavefront scleral lenses could transform your visual experience, Dr. Boshnick and his team are ready to guide you on this journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Boshnick’s office for a consultation. Experience the revolutionary improvement that wavefront technology can bring to your life, and step into a world of clarity like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wavefront technology is an advanced method of mapping the unique irregularities of an individual’s eye. It originated in astronomy to correct distortions in space telescope images, but it’s now used in ophthalmology to measure the eye’s unique aberrations and create a comprehensive “map” for personalized vision correction.
Wavefront scleral lenses can correct higher-order aberrations that conventional lenses cannot address. This advanced correction enhances vision clarity, increases contrast sensitivity, and provides superior comfort. It’s particularly beneficial for individuals with complex vision issues where traditional lenses fall short.
The process begins with a comprehensive eye examination and the creation of an eye map using a wavefront sensor. Based on this map, the lenses are customized to match the specific needs of your eyes. Dr. Boshnick will then perform the fitting process and make necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.
Dr. Boshnick is an experienced practitioner in fitting wavefront scleral lenses. He uses the latest technology and is dedicated to delivering the best outcomes for his patients. His commitment to personalized care has led to numerous success stories from patients who’ve experienced significant vision improvement with these lenses.
Wavefront scleral lenses require a specific, detailed eye examination and mapping to create a customized lens. Your current prescription provides some information, but the wavefront technology used by Dr. Boshnick goes beyond this to provide a more detailed, personalized vision correction solution.
You can contact Dr. Boshnick’s office directly to schedule a consultation. During this appointment, you can learn more about wavefront scleral lenses and determine if they’re the right solution for your vision needs.

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