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Specular Microscope used to examine the structure and function
of the most posterior layer of the cornea
(the endothelium) for disease and any abnormalities
Our main examination room Ocular Coherence Tomography For analysis of the cornea and adjoining
ocular structures of the eye
Ocular Coherence Tomography For evaluating the retina, optic nerve and
adjoining ocular structures
Oculus Keratograph Retinal Camera Oculus Keratograph

Eye Freedom USA - Ocular, Visual Rehabilitation with Scleral Lenses in Miami Florida FL - OCULAR CONDITIONS

Welcome to Global Vision Rehabilitation Center

LASIK Surgery and Life Altering Complications by Dr. Boshnick on CBS This Morning

Dr. Edward Boshnick maintains a cutting edge practice devoted to the restoration of vision and comfort lost as a result of refractive eye surgery (including LASIK and Radial Keratotomy), keratoconus, corneal transplant surgery, pellucid marginal degeneration, extreme dry eye, corneal dystrophies, corneal trauma, lasik damage and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

A few words about Dr. Edward Boshnick and his eye care practice:

Dr. Edward Boshnick maintains a cutting edge optometric practice covering all types of vision care including non-surgical vision improvement, contact and scleral lens care, children’s vision and vision rehabilitation for the partially sighted. Dr. Boshnick received his B.A. degree from the University of Miami and his Doctorate degree was awarded in Optometry from Southern College of Optometry.

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“No effort will be spared and no expense avoided in order to provide the best vision care available to our patients.”

Dr. Edward Boshnick - Our practice is dedicated to treating patients with Scleral Lenses that have lost vision due to keratoconus, refractive surgery (Lasik Complications, Radial Keratotomy), Corneal Transplant Surgery Complications, Chronic Dry Eye, Corneal Dystrophies and more.

Our services: corneal ectasia, color blindness, gvr scleral lenses, the eye conditions indicated for their use, nearsightedness, post-surgical vision loss, corneal refractive therapy, keratoconus education and treatment, myopia management - Ocular and Visual Rehabilitation with Scleral Lenses in Miami Florida FL USA

For over 30 years my practice has been devoted to the non-surgical treatment of patients who have suffered loss of vision and ocular comfort due to the following conditions:

  • Keratoconus and Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
  • Post-Refractive Surgical Complications such as Corneal Ectasia, Dry Eye and
  • Reduction in Quality Vision
  • Irregular and Compromised Transplanted Corneas
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
  • Corneal Dystrophies
  • Compromised Corneas Due to Ocular Trauma

What Are Scleral Lenses

A scleral lens is a large diameter lens made of a highly oxygen permeable material. It is very stable and does not move on the eye. A scleral lens is not a contact lens in the strict sense of the word as it does not touch the cornea. Instead, a scleral lens vaults over the compromised cornea and is supported by the white portion of the eye known as the sclera.

A liquid reservoir of sterile saline solution fills the space between the back surface of the scleral lens and the front surface of the eye. This liquid reservoir fills in the surface irregularities of the cornea allowing vision to be restored in a comfortable manner. In addition, the scleral lens and the liquid bandage beneath it protect the cornea from the environment and the blinking action of the eyelids.

What Ocular Conditions Can Scleral Lenses Help With

There are a number of eye diseases and conditions that are best treated with a scleral lens. What must be appreciated is the fact that a scleral lens when fit correctly is both a medical device and a therapeutic device all in one. The scleral lenses that we design can be made to fit virtually any eye shape and any degree of visual error while at the same time allowing the diseased or injured eye to heal. Common ocular conditions include, but not limited include:

  • Keratoconus
  • Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
  • Post-refractive surgical complications due to LASIK, Radial Keratotomy, PRK and so on. Many of these complications include distorted and fluctuating vision, light sensitivity, reduced night vision, halos, glare, starbursting and ocular pain.
  • Complications resulting from corneal transplant surgery such as distorted corneas, chronic dry eyes and unstable vision.
  • Post_LASIK corneal ectasia.
  • Chronic dry eyes due to systemic disease, medications and a variety of ocular conditions.

A large number of corneal dystrophies and degenerations both acquired and genetic. These include rare conditions such as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Ocular Pemphigoid and many others. Scleral lenses are a unique technology that are medically indicted to treat a very large number of corneal diseases and conditions. 

What Are The Benefits Of Scleral Lenses

The main benefits of a well designed and fit scleral lens are

  1. Greatly improved vision
  2. Elimination of ocular pain and discomfort due to disease, trauma or surgical complications.
  3. Elimination of “higher order aberrations” including glare, halos, double vision and light sensitivity.
  4. Well designed and fit scleral lenses act as a therapeutic device allowing damaged corneal tissue to heal. Scleral lenses can also act to help correct patients suffering from their eyelids drooping.

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