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Dr. Edward Boshnick maintains a cutting edge practice devoted to the restoration of vision and comfort lost as a result of refractive eye surgery (including LASIK and Radial Keratotomy), keratoconus, corneal transplant surgery, pellucid marginal degeneration, extreme dry eye, corneal dystrophies, corneal trauma and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

A few words about Dr. Edward Boshnick and his eye care practice:

Dr. Edward Boshnick maintains a cutting edge optometric practice covering all types of vision care including non-surgical vision improvement, contact and scleral lens care, children’s vision and vision rehabilitation for the partially sighted. Dr. Boshnick received his B.A. degree from the University of Miami and his Doctorate degree was awarded in Optometry from Southern College of Optometry.

“Ningún esfuerzo se salvará y sin costo evitado a fin de proporcionar
la mejor atención disponible a nuestros pacientes la visión.”

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  To my patients throughout the years. It has been and continues to be an honor and privilege to be a part of your vision care.  


  • Good Morning Dr. Boshnick,I want to take this moment to extend my gratitude for you. I appreciate all your support and interest on me. Beside I want to let you know I feel comfortable with the new contact lens and my eye is not red. I'm not wearing the soft contact lens to sleep because the first night that I did it I didn't feel very well. My eye hurt and was red. So I'm not wearing and I feel very well now.Thank you very much for your patience,Sincerely,

    - Lauren A. Bazante

  • Dear Dr. Boshnick,My eyes are feeling a much better. Before I met you and Dr. Tseng my eyes were very itchy and were dry and most of the time my eyelashes kept curling in and that made my eyes very uncofortable. But now that I have met you and Dr Tseng I have hope that I will some day have sight in my right eye. The scaleral lenses that you gave me are sometimes comfortable also my vision has slighty improved. Look forward to hearing from you.Your patient,

    - Michael Black

  • Dear Sir, When I wake up every day, I thank God that I found you and your scleral lens I am sorry that many people have not the capability to aquire them. If these lens were invented many years ago, I would have saved lots of pain, surgeries and of course; money, but most important perhaps, I would still have my left eye.Since I use these lenses a few months ago, I feel the moistness, no scratching, and relieve and secureness over all. Thank you Doctor Boshnick for your kindness.Best wishes

    - Wanda

  • Dear Dr. Boshnick, I want to tell you how wonderful and patient you were with me in fitting for my scleral lenses and eye glasses. I have the scleral lenses for over a year now and love, love, love them. My eyes are so comfortable and I am wear only ONE pair of sun glasses while driving!! The tearing and severe discomfort have stopped from the "brightness" I experienced for so many years. The eye glasses are a perfect addition. Now I am able to see even more clearly and enjoy reading without the contant putting on and taking off of reading glasses. Your knowlendge and expertise should be noted. It is great that you share and take the time for training students in your profession. The "planting of seeds" on up and coming minds is such a positive thing. I am looking forward to you taking care of my eyes for a long , long time. Doctor, thank you again. May God continue His blessings on your family and practice of restoring comfortable sight.


  • Dear Dr. Boshnick, Como resultado de mi condición de queratocono, I hadn't worn a contact lens on my right eye for more than twenty years due to the considerable discomfort I experienced, por lo tanto, confiando en ver a través de la lente de contacto de mi ojo izquierdo solamente. Over the years, He probado varios oftalmólogos pero nadie parecía ser capaz de encontrar una lente de contacto que podría llevar cómodamente hasta que me referí al Dr.. Hace dos años Boshnick. Dentro de unas cuantas visitas, él fue capaz de encajar con una lente de contacto que ha funcionado a las mil maravillas y ahora estoy muy contento de que por fin puedo beneficiarse de ver cómodamente tanto a través de los ojos - algo que hace unos años pensé que no sería posible!

    - Claus Kursell

    Keratoconus Patient Wearing Scleral Lenses and seing clearly once again.

  • Mayo 1, 2013 Dear Dr. Boshnick, It's been a while since I sent you an email. Espero que usted está haciendo un gran. estoy bien. Mis ojos son también bueno. No tengo problemas. Soy capaz de usarlos durante largas horas sin dolor. De hecho, me puedo ver bien. So, parece que todo está bien. Sólo quiero darle las gracias por toda su ayuda. Sinceramente agradezco. Thank you once again.

    - Priyanka

    El paciente tiene queratocono y lleva lentes esclerales.

  • Dr. Boshnick, I wanted to quickly let you know that the new lenses you prescribed are great. They have been comfortable to wear and I think the sight in the right eye is clearer. I'll be seeing you on October 20 and you can access the improved difference. (no tearing at all!!!) You do magic. Thank you so much.

    - Patient with multiple RK surgeries

    Patient with multiple RK surgeries

  • Hi Doc...What's up hope all is well with you and the family and staff. Want to say my greatest thanks for all you have done for me, my vision is much improved so I'm just expressing my gratitude to you for providing a dedicated and wonderful service.

    - Patient with keratoconus

    Patient with keratoconus

  • Good morning. I would like to make an appointment with you if possible. It has been a little over 1.5 years since I have been to your office for a visit and I just wanted to make a visit. I have done wonderful since I saw you last and my life has been a joy since I first made my way to see you and have you fit me for hard contacts. I can't express my gratitude for how much my life has changed for the better since getting these contacts.    

    - Patient from Cleveland

    Patient from Cleveland

  • Thank you Doctor for everything you have done for me, I can never forget it . Miss u already !!

    Thanks again for your superb care and expertise in treating my eyes. I very much appreciate you and your team. I call on physicians for a living, and know the delicate balance it takes to be a great physician/practitioner. Excellent decision making, knowledge and expertise in the field, good hands, a good listener/bedside manner, compassion, and utilizing the best technologies available to diagnose and treat your patients. You have all of these traits, which makes it great for patients like myself.

    - Stevens-Johnson Patient from Thailand

    Stevens-Johnson Patient from Thailand

  • Thank you for all your help and support to get our daughter Nemo out of her present condition. She is able to see a bit better then what she could when we came to Miami. This wouldn't have been possible without your help. We are really greatfull to God who blessed us with your support.

    - Patient from Bangkok, Thailand

    Patient from Bangkok, Thailand

  • Greetings Today I did too well with the new scleral lens you gave me. No pain, little red, I was OK all day. We leave so grateful to you, glad to have met you and grateful that God put you on my path so you could fix my eyes, hope to see you again soon and for now we shall keep in contact via e mail. My father sends you his thanks for helping me. I will miss not seeing you every day, much love. I'll write you when I get to Chile. Good night, god bless you!

    - Patient from Chile

    Patient from Chile

  • Here's the most serious dose of inspiration guys. Seriously, if this story doesn't make you rethink perspective and the importance of staying positive despite so much person and ocular troubles, nothing will. I am proud to know Keer and Dr. Edward Boshnick and am inspired daily by them. Thank you for being so amazing! So many celebs there last night celebrating being grateful, most importantly Keer.

    - Marina Locasio

    Marina LoCascio

  • Thank you so much Dr. Boshnick....our Captain is very valuable not only as a mentor but a friend to so many students and staff....glad to hear that you were the reason for his sight...GOD bless you and the staff

    - Carmen Molina

    Carmen Molina

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