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The Procedure

Orthokeratology or Ortho-K involves the programmed use of a series of comfortable highly oxygen permeable contact lenses. These special high tech lenses bring about a gradual change in the contour of the front of the eye or cornea. The result can be a dramatic change in one’s natural vision in days or weeks.

This procedure involves thorough eye examinations, follow-up visits, lens changes each 2 – 8 weeks until the maximum desired results are achieved. Retainer contact lenses are then worn as necessary to stabilize the newly acquired shape and improved visual performance.

One of the first procedure done to help us in designing the patient’s lenses is to photograph the entire corneal surface utilizing a computerized corneal topographer. This instrument gives us a color coded display containing detailed information about the shape of the patient’s cornea.

For the patient, it is a brief, painless non-contact procedure. This procedure is repeated on follow-up visits and after patients are dispensed new contact lenses. The color corneal contour maps that are generated help us design lenses to better improve our patient’s vision.

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