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A Few Words About Lasik

Over the years I’ve had the misfortune of examining hundreds of patients who have lost quality vision and suffered severe depression as a result of lasik surgery. Two of these patients were so depressed by their post-surgical vision loss that they attempted suicide. In fact, there are several documented cases of post-lasik suicides.

The known risks and complications of lasik surgery includes severely distorted corneas, causing loss of best corrected visual acuity, vision distortions known as higher order aberrations, under correction and over correction of the patient’s vision error, nighttime vision disorders including halos, starbursts, glare, ghosting and double vision. Other risk factors also include infection, corneal ectasia (a gradual protrusion of the corneal surface), severe dry eye and loss of contrast sensitivity( the ability of distinguish between different shades of white and grey).

My feeling is that lasik surgery and other refractive surgical procedures exist solely to enrich doctors and the corporations that manufacture the laser equipment and not to benefit mankind. Because a large part of my ophthalmic practice involves restoring vision to those who have experienced varying degrees of vision loss from LASIK, my advice is not to get involved with this procedure. If you have experienced compromised vision as a result of LASIK, you are more than welcome to contact me to discuss what can be done to help you regain quality vision.

If you can see well with your eyeglasses or contact lenses, don’t even think about getting involved with lasik. If you are having vision or comfort issues with your contact lenses, make an appointment with a contact lens specialist and have him/her refit you with a lens design that will address these issues. Whatever you, the patient, decides to do, by all means stay within the non-surgical arena.

Photos below are simulations depicting how many post-LASIK and other post-refractive surgical patients see the world. The latest technologies that we use at our office address almost all of these vision issues successfully.

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