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Why are Specialty Lenses so hard to get right? Dr. Boshnick excplains about Specialty Lenses.

My philosophy over the past 28 years has always been to treat myopia in children as early as possible. The only limiting factors are the overall health of the child and his or her emotional maturity.

At least six studies of the University level over the past twenty years have established that rigid lenses can safely and effectively control myopia. Our office takes contact lens therapy for children one step further. We use special contact lenses designed to gently reshape the cornea and reduce the level of myopia and very often eliminating the myopia altogether. Many of these children only wear their lenses during part or all of their school day, remove their lenses and function for the remainder of the day without contact lenses.

Some children find it difficult to wear rigid lenses at first. These children are usually given disposable daily wear soft lenses to wear temporarily (weeks to months). After this short interim period of wearing soft lenses it is usually easy to switch these children to Ortho-K lenses.

After the children are wearing their Ortho-K lenses, they are to be re-examined every six months. As long as they come in for their semi-annual examinations, we will not charge for any visits between these 6 month visits. Also, as long as these children come in for their 6 month visits (for which we do charge), if a power change is needed, a new lens(es) will be provided at no charge.

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