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Corneal Ectasia is a corneal condition in which there is a progressive …

Everything You Need To Know About Corneal Ectasia Treatments!

Corneal Ectasia is a corneal condition in which there is a progressive thinning of the cornea. This decrease in the corneal thickness leads to a series of clinical signs such as:

  1. Astigmatism and/or progressive myopia after the stage of development
  2. Retinoscopic reflex
  3. Decreased Visual Acuity
  4. Elevated keratometry
  5. Asymmetric corneal topography

Regarding the origin of Corneal Ectasia, the majority are of unknown cause, a cause-effect relationship is found with an excessive rubbing of the eyes, in patients with Down’s Syndrome and other syndromes with mesenchymal tissue alterations.

Corneal Ectasia Treatments

The Corneal Ectasia treatments include the early diagnosis for which a precise and qualified assessment is necessary, as soon as possible, in a specialized ophthalmological center that has the latest technology in Corneal Ectasia treatments and the analysis of corneal biomechanics.

A) Optical Compensation:

The more advanced corneal ectasia is in a patient, the less effective the correction of ametropia in glasses is, so it is advisable to adapt RPG or semi-scleral lenses, to compensate for the corneal irregularity and the aberrations that occur. Scleral lenses compensate for ametropia but do not slow down the progression of the disease. Early diagnosis is essential to be able to solve it in the best possible way.

B) Surgical Treatment:

  • Intracorneal rings: The implantation of PMMA rings in the corneal stroma causes a flattening and stabilization of the central area of ​​the cornea, significantly improving visual quality.
  • Crosslinking: Impregnation of the corneal stroma with riboflavin and subsequent application of ultraviolet radiation to increase the rigidity of collagen and stop the progression of the disease
  • Tyric Phallic Lenses (ICL)/Pseudophakic Toric for compensation of ametropia
  • Keratoplasty: This is used as a last resort/treatment in very advanced cases

Rest assured, if you are looking for useful Corneal Ectasia treatments, you could not find a better solution than Scleral lenses. The most important reason is that it is a less invasive procedure and provides added comfort to the patients suffering from Corneal Ectasia.

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