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After correction, you simply see better without help from glasses or contact lenses.

Vision improvements occur in months, weeks or even days.

Free of surgical risk, the process in convenient and comfortable, not disrupting your visual performance as your eyes are being improved.

All ages benefit.

Natural vision for recreation, sports and leisure is enhanced dramatically.

Occupational unaided vision demands may be met for careers such as pilots, policemen, firemen, or any job that requires better visual acuity.

Preventive vision care for children is highly beneficial.

Retainer lenses may only have to be worn for a few hours per day or every other day or only at night.

Procedure is reversible.

A Word About Myopia and Children

Myopia is usually a progressive process that starts in early childhood and progresses until adulthood. The consequences of high myopia are severe. 35% off of all retinal detachments are due to high myopia. Cataracts, glaucoma and retinal and vitreous degenerations are more prevalent in adults suffering from high myopia.

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